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Our Packaging

Our Packaging

Each year, there are more than 120 billion units of beauty packaging thrown away. There are still majority brands using one use plastic packaging for beauty products and on the other hand there are also clean beauty brands adopting environmentally friendly initiatives using compostable, recyclable, sustainable and re-usable packaging.

However, it is still debatable and questionable that which are the best packaging for beauty products. Here are the lists of less carbon generating packaging. There are aluminum and tin packaging that are often zero plastic. And there is also biodegradable and compostable packaging, paper packaging and glass packaging. Refillable beauty products and program are also growing in the beauty products and brands.

Lemon & beaker use glass packaging with minimum recyclable plastic. Hannah decided to use premium glass packaging that are sustainable, inert and 100% and infinitely recycle, reusable and refillable. Lemon & Beaker glass packaging are durable, safe for the product, and beautiful. Hannah continues to question herself to adopt a better packaging options and refillable options for a planet-friendly brand.

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